Maintaining your driveway over winter

Winter Driveways

A cold winter can wreak havoc on a driveway and lets face it, we have been known to get a few cold spells over the winter months in Scotland – so we have prepared this short blog to help you maintain your driveway over the next few months.

Glasgow Driveways

Keep your driveway clean

Keeping your driveway clean all year round is important but especially so in Winter. Brushing away leaves, mud and other rubbish will stop it getting slippy and help stop unwanted plant growth.

Drainage Drainage Drainage

We can never stress enough how important drainage is for a driveway, it’s probably the most important aspect when it comes to a healthy driveway. Make sure there is no standing water, and if there is brush the water away on a regular basis.

Driveways in Glasgow

Let it snow…

A build up of snow can spell disaster for your driveway, so if we get any of the white fully stuff, be sure to clear it away as soon as you can.

Say no to Chemicals

As tempting as they may be, chemicals like de-icer can actually damage your driveway, so try and avoid using any of these chemicals. A light dusting of rock salt will do the job, but once its worked its magic, be sure the sweep away the residue.

And lastly, do any day repair work before the cold sets in!

Maintaining your driveway over winter
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